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  • Course of studies

    The programme is designed for academics from all fields.  The basis of the training is the personal analysis and hence the connection of analyst and analysand to the manifestations of the objective psyche. On the basis of the dreams and creative work, the board decides whether the candidate shall be accepted for training. The candidate’s own analyst continues to play a key role.

    Twice a year, two-week block courses are held, with lectures and seminars in English and German. The period between the two courses is intended for individual study and for analysis.
    The teaching staff are members of the Board, experienced analysts invited as guest lecturers, and academics from other fields, as well as graduates and students at the Centre.

    The first part of the theoretical section of the course closes with the Propädeuticum, which entitles the  student to take on practical case work under  the supervision of an  experienced analyst. The second part concludes with a thesis and a Diploma examination. With the Diploma, the Centre testifies to the ability to take on professional work as an analyst, but does not guarantee the opportunity to work professionally in Switzerland or any other country.

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    Publications from the Centre can be found among other places, in the two publications series of Jungiana,  and  the publishing house Living Human Heritage.


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