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    The Research and Training Centre in Depth Psychology was founded in Zurich in 1994, co-founded by Marie-Louise von Franz. The idea was to set up a place in which the objective /autonomous psyche could be observed in all its aspects.

    The aims of the Centre are, on the one hand, to conduct in-depth research into the unconscious psyche and also to provide a training programme for
    analysts. The Centre is open to interested parties from all academic spheres who are considering applying their own experience of the unconscious and depth psychology in their own special fields.

    Steering committee and Board
    Our Steering committee and Board structure the Centre, its training and program … (more on our responsibles)

    Special emphasis
    is placed on research, which is an integral component of the programme. The starting point is the pioneer work carried out by C.G. Jung and Marie-Louise von Franz. A major aspect of the study programme is the understanding of archetypal processes and how they find expression in all cultures and in all manifestations of the unconscious of modern man. Special emphasis is placed on research into alchemy. Subjects that arise from this are the connections between individuation and collective renewal and between psyche and matter.

    The Scarab

    Scarab with renewed sun disk as seen in the tomb of Seti I (“Book of Gates”).

    Our logo is a scarab which guides the new sun over the horizon  – an image for the secret of self-renewal. The symbol dates back to ancient Egyptian wisdom. The logo follows a depiction on the alabaster sarcophagus in the tomb of pharaoh Seti I. It depicts the sun, the light of consciousness, as it sinks down every night into the depths of the underworld, there to renew itself.


    Living scarab rolling a ball of mist.

    The real dung beetle lays its egg in a globe of dung and rolls it backwards. The young beetle finally slips out.

    C.G. Jung’s empirical research into real-life psychic experiences of the individual led him to the conclusion that this miracle of self-renewal actually takes place in the individuation process. Out of the situation of a neurosis or depression that one would wish to reject (as dung), there emerges the experience of the greater personality of the Self. This living core in the objective psyche, which manifests itself in the life of the individual and also in the spirit of the age and contemporary civilization, forms the basis of our research at the Centre.

  • Research- and Training Centre for Depth Psychology according to
    C.G. Jung and Marie-Louise von Franz
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